California Is Opening Up

California Is Opening Up

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | March 18, 2021

California Is Opening Up Now that California is slowly reopening, we feel a change coming on. Hope is in the air! Next month should look a lot different than last April and that bit of news is bringing a smile to so many Californians. Of course, we still have to be careful but with California…

Wellness Walks

Rewarding Remote Employees

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | January 6, 2021

Rewarding Remote Employees Finding unique and meaningful ways to thank your employees is SO important. Especially now, given what’s happening in the world and the fact that majority of U.S. employees are working remotely. According to a Gallup poll, remote workers are more likely to feel lonely and isolated as compared to  colleagues who work…

Virtual Holidays

Company Holiday Party Ideas During Covid 

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | October 26, 2020

It’s hard to believe but the holiday season is just around the corner. And with that, comes the question many of us are asking: How can we celebrate the holidays with colleagues and friends, given this pandemic? Prior to COVID 19, this is the time of year that’s usually filled with plenty of in-person holiday…


Staying Healthy During COVID-19

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | July 14, 2020

If you’ve been asking the question “How can I stay healthy, physically and mentally, during this pandemic,” you’re not alone. That seems to be the question everyone is asking. The good news? There’s some very easy things you can do, to keep your mind & body “fit.”  First, EAT HEALTHY. It sounds so simple but unfortunately whenever…


Safe Outdoor Activities During COVID

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | July 9, 2020

Ever since COVID-19 came about, it seems like all we hear is what we CAN’T do. NO indoor dining. NO large public gatherings. NO fans at sporting events. The list goes on and on.  It makes us wonder: Is there anything we CAN do?  Actually, there’s PLENTY we can do!  The key thing to remember:…


Healthcare Heroes

By Hoyt Smith | July 8, 2020

Mother and Daughter Model Virtues During Covid-19 Pandemic By Hoyt Smith   Editor’s Note:  In light of Covid 19, we are paying tribute to all essential workers.   Marcia is our co-owner Marc Menkin’s twin sister. Pictured are Marcia’s son Ryan, husband Barry and daughter Carly. Equipped with virtues, we can turn the most trying experiences into teachable…

Video & Media Coaching

Media & Video Coaching

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | April 29, 2020

 There’s no question that we’re in interesting times. With everything that’s happening in the world, almost everyone is spending more time on video calls. Some folks are even taking it one step further, as they’re being asked to create videos to help promote their businesses. For some people, this isn’t a big deal but…

Giving Back

The Great Stay at Home Super Challenge

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | April 16, 2020

With most people working remotely and the kids at home, all sorts of interesting dynamics are happening.  Suddenly, parents are not only Mom and Dad, their roles have expanded to breadwinner and school teacher. Wow, that’s quite a handful! Given everything the world is experiencing, we started thinking about our role – and what we…

Giving Back

The Power of Giving Back

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | December 4, 2019

   People ask this question all the time: What’s your favorite Team Building program?  That’s actually tough to answer because the truth is that we love them all!  However, the programs that really capture our hearts are the ones with a “Give Back” angle.  You know, the programs that help others and stress the…

San Diego Team Building

Canine Charity Team Challenge

By Darlynne Reyes-Menkin | December 3, 2019

 Creating innovative team building programs that allow people to let loose and really show their personalities is something we absolutely love! Our new “Build a Dog Bed” program is a prime example of corporate groups having fun, showing off their creative side AND doing good. We recently did this program for a local company…