Urban Challenge/Scavenger Hunts


Q: How do the Scavenger Hunts work? What are people looking for?

A: The tasks are designed to take you on a journey of unique spots & new areas. For instance, on the Downtown Hunt, teams will visit cool rooftop lounges with amazing views, hip hotels and historic landmarks.


Q: How long do the Scavenger Hunts last?
A: The actual Hunt lasts two hours but when you incorporate the introduction and the awards ceremony afterwards, the entire time frame is three hours. If it’s a private event, we can customize the length to fit your needs but 3 hours is an ideal formula.

Q: Which area is the most popular?
A: When it comes to Scavenger Hunts, Downtown San Diego is our most requested location followed by Old Town, Coronado, La Jolla, Encinitas, Oceanside and Balboa Park.

Q: Is the Scavenger Hunt physically challenging? 

Some of us have bad knees!
A: The Scavenger Hunt is approximately 1.5 to 3 miles and the route is flat, there are no steep hills. Teams aren’t allowed to run for safety reasons and we also want everyone to be able to keep up. We set up the hunts to be comfortable for all fitness levels.

Q: Do all the teams have the same clues?
A: Yes but the tasks are in different order plus each team has a bonus sheet with photos and extra points. As a result, teams will sometimes run into each other on the streets which add to the competitive fun spirit!


Q: Can you do Scavenger Hunts for kids? How about themed Scavenger Hunts like birthdays or an anniversary?

A: We've designed many Scavenger Hunts for kids AND we're constantly getting requests to create customized Scavenger Hunts for birthdays, school reunions, anniversaries, you name it!  Our Scavenger Hunts have also been used as fundraisers for nonprofits & family outings for Church Ministries. 


Q: Does the corporate teambuilding scavenger hunt allow kids?
The best ages are case by case. If it is a company adventure, we suggest ages 9 and above. 

Q: My company is thinking about doing your team building Scavenger Hunt but some people think it may be too silly.  Is this activity really appropriate for companies?

A: Believe it or not, we get that question frequently and the answer is "Yes, it's an excellent team bonding activity!" Over the years, we've had all types of groups from CEO's, sales executives, teachers, engineers and attorneys and they all loved our Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunt. People's personalities really do come out. As a result, you learn a lot about yourself and your team mates. The tasks are designed to stimulate conversation and challenge problem solving abilities, creativity and time management skills.  And while you're solving the clues, you get the added bonus of a wonderful sightseeing adventure.


Q: I'm thinking of surprising my staff and not letting them know what we're planning. 

A: We have been creating team building Scavenger Hunts for corporate groups, families, the military, faith based groups, and schools since 2003 and our experience has shown us that surprising your staff typically doesn't work. We find that it's best to tell people what they are doing, and to remind them of all the small details such as what to wear (sneakers is a must!) and the importance of eating prior to an event.