Family Feud

If you love the popular TV Game Show “Family Feud,” you’ll love this team building program! It’s just like the hit show but now, YOU’RE playing the game and seeing if you have what it takes. This game is the real deal – it has the buzzer sounds, the same high energy Family Feud theme…

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Movie Making Team Challenge

MOVIE MAKING TEAM CHALLENGE | Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

In this competitive and engaging team-building challenge, teams will represent competing video production companies. Their mission: To create a compelling short video and marketing presentation. The topic can vary and can be anything from tourism to sports, to entertainment or the environment. Who will be the producer? Who will direct? Who will be the camera…

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Sushi Showdown

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Sushi Showdown

This highly engaging and interactive program combines a dash of healthy competition, a pinch of originality, and a whole lot of taste.  For those who don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, don’t worry.  Our team of fun loving and professional chefs will be on hand to guide the teams.  Learn the fundamentals…

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Smoothie Showdown

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Smoothie Showdown

Looking for a unique team building program that’s fun, will WOW your staff and promote healthy living? Our team of fun-loving and professional culinary experts will guide your team in this memorable, interactive juice- and smoothie-making challenge. For this custom program, teams will not only create some tasty smoothies, but they’ll also learn all about…

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Murder Mystery Teambuilding

A prestigious art gallery is about to unveil its newest & most impressive acquisition: a $15 million dollar painting and YOU are invited to their exclusive grand unveiling! Only the rich and the famous are invited and organizers are promising a night to remember. But at this celebration, all is not well and there is treacherous…

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Survivor Team Challenge

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Survivor Team Challenge

Test the endurance and team spirit in your group with a rousing version of SURVIVOR, custom tailored to the ability and goals of the group. Your group will first be divided into teams or “tribes” and their first challenge is to come up with a tribal chant or cheer, which will be performed at various…

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Minute to Win It Team Challenge

Nutstack Minute to Win It Team Challenge | Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

In our version of the wildly popular TV series, teams will go head to head in a series of wild and wacky challenges designed specifically to encourage team members to get to know each other on a whole new level, develop strategic thinking, and, of course – to have FUN! This is great as an…

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Charity Bike Build

GET IN THE GAME TO BECOMING THE WINNING TEAM for the CHARITY BIKE BUILD community service teambuilding group challenge | Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

Wow – fun and competition, along with a real service to the community! Excitement, laughter, camaraderie, and good will be fostered in this fast-paced team event where your task will be to assemble a bicycle or other toy, using a packaged kit, tools and some creative extras.

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Team Culinary Competition

Savoring your efforts during a TEAM CULINARY COMPETITION | Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

Similar to the Iron Chef with a team twist! Guided by our fun-loving and professional chefs, this unique, interactive team cooking challenge engages teams to earn ingredients, create original treats, and compete on taste, creativity and presentation.

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