Murder Mystery

A prestigious art gallery is about to unveil its newest & most impressive acquisition: a $15 million dollar painting and YOU are invited to their exclusive grand unveiling! Only the rich and the famous are invited and organizers are promising a night to remember. But at this celebration, all is not well and there is treacherous work at play. In the middle of the festivities, there’s a murder! Was it a jealous business competitor? Was someone hired to do this unthinkable act? One thing is certain: what was supposed to be an exciting night, is now tainted and the murder must be solved!

Professional actors will create unique custom scenarios which suit your group’s needs and provide a terrific event filled with laughter, mayhem, and mystery. Based on the “inside scoop” provided about your guests, this information is interwoven into the plot structure of the scenario you select. Industry terms can also be worked into the structure. Talented writers will expand the scenario into an event that will long be remembered by your group.


Think of this mystery as playing a live board game of CLUE! Teams will be given CLUE Cards and evidence items that will help narrow down your list of suspects and reveal Who Dunnit?! We will also incorporate fun interactive, competitive challenges to earn clues. In the end, the team that answers the 3 questions correctly (Suspect? Weapon used? Motive?) is the winner!


Teams will be encouraged to put their “investigative reporting” skills to the test! Throughout the program, there will be numerous clues dropped so sharpen your listening and observational skills


Have fun with your characters! Interrogate your fellow suspects! Find all the evidence! Bribery, blackmail, and rumor-mongering are allowed!

Customization requests? No problem! If you would like us to incorporate your mission, any work-related themes, just let us know ahead of time so we can work it into the script.

And lastly to note: This is not a sit & watch show. It is 100% interactive and the guests will need to be up and about to solve the mystery. If the venue allows, we will hide evidence and then give riddles & clues to find it. In a nutshell, this is an interactive game of CLUE.