Family Feud

If you love the popular TV Game Show “Family Feud,” you’ll love this team building program! It’s just like the hit show but now, YOU’RE playing the game and seeing if you have what it takes. This game is the real deal – it has the buzzer sounds, the same high energy Family Feud theme…

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Kite Building

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Kite Building

This delightful afternoon is best held in an open area or beach location. The event begins with a demonstration by a master kite maker, who will teach the group to construct one of several basic kite designs. All materials will be provided. Creativity and teamwork are emphasized! After the construction and design process is complete,…

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Movie Making Team Challenge

MOVIE MAKING TEAM CHALLENGE | Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures

In this competitive and engaging team-building challenge, teams will represent competing video production companies. Their mission: To create a compelling short video and marketing presentation. The topic can vary and can be anything from tourism to sports, to entertainment or the environment. Who will be the producer? Who will direct? Who will be the camera…

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Sushi Showdown

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Sushi Showdown

This highly engaging and interactive program combines a dash of healthy competition, a pinch of originality, and a whole lot of taste.  For those who don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, don’t worry.  Our team of fun loving and professional chefs will be on hand to guide the teams.  Learn the fundamentals…

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Smoothie Showdown

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Smoothie Showdown

Looking for a unique team building program that’s fun, will WOW your staff and promote healthy living? Our team of fun-loving and professional culinary experts will guide your team in this memorable, interactive juice- and smoothie-making challenge. For this custom program, teams will not only create some tasty smoothies, but they’ll also learn all about…

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Team Comedy Challenge

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Team Comedy Challenge

Looking for a unique team building program that’s fun, engaging, AND will bring your team together in a memorable way? Our Team Comedy Challenge is all about using laughter and humor in a positive way to build up and inspire your team. In this 2- to 2.5-hour program, teams will experience a series of fun…

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Sand Sculpture Competition

After our professional sand sculptor briefs the group, creativity, hard work and teamwork take over. This is a fun, relaxing way to bring out the team spirit and creativity in your group – all while enjoying a sunny afternoon at a San Diego beach! After a short lesson and demonstration on sand sculpture techniques from a…

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Leisure Olympics

Out of the Ordinary Group Adventures - Leisure Olympics

Leisure Olympics is not for the die-hard competitive group or for the true “jocks.” The main goal of this activity is fun… with a little healthy competition thrown in. The atmosphere is decidedly laid back, while teams compete in various leisure activities. A bar is permitted and encouraged for this unique competition. The ideal location…

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Outrigger Canoe Challenge

Held on beautiful Mission Bay and conducted by the HanoHano Canoe Club, this a an invigorating, fun, and challenging team activity. The group will be assigned to their canoes – 5 team members in addition to the helmsman – and will learn the basics of the sport. Then we can peacefully tour the bay or…

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Limo Team Rally

Looking to add a bit of a twist to your Scavenger Hunt? How about adding a limo to your team building adventure? See the sights and compete in style with your own luxury limos on a customized road rally! Adventure lasts 3.5 to 4 hours. This activity is ideal for groups who love the fierce…

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