Test the endurance and team spirit in your group with a rousing version of SURVIVOR, custom tailored to the ability and goals of the group. Your group will first be divided into teams or "tribes" and their first challenge is to come up with a tribal chant or cheer, which will be performed at various times during the event.

Tribes will rotate through various challenge activities - some will be physical while others will be mental or creative. Their task is to work together and succeed or fail as a team, while supporting fellow team members.

After all challenges have been completed the group will gather for a "tribal council" and a discussion of the days events.

Challenge activities can include the following, based on time, location, and preference:

  • Mission Rescue (Blind Square)
  • Nitro Crossing
  • Climbing Wall
  • Raft Repair (Magic Carpet)
  • Crocodile Swamp (Minefield)
  • Shark Attack
  • Water Canal (Hyper Herbie)
  • A Frame Rescue
  • Trolley Rescue
  • Keypunch
  • Spider Web
  • Tribal Puzzle

Includes all staffing, materials, prizes, waters, planning & organization, team facilitation.

This activity is very flexible and can be held in a variety of locations.