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Scavenger Hunt

I think we'll be spending a lot of time talking about how much fun we had instead of working! But that's what life is all about!

Everyone unanimously said that the Scavenger Hunt was the best part of our two-day meeting, even those that were skeptical. Thanks a lot, again!

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Team Building

Thank you for a wonderful team building event. I continue to receive such positive feedback from everyone who participate. Y'all rock!

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Scavenger Hunt

When I coordinated my company’s National Sales Meeting, we were looking for an activity that would be fun and at the same time foster team building for our sales representatives, as well as allow them the opportunity to explore San Diego. I received all of the above with Darlynne!

She worked with me to customize a scavenger hunt for our sales representatives in downtown San Diego. She worked within our time constraints, budget, and goals for the event. I did not have to worry about the entire event – Darlynne and her team took care of everything. She was always very responsive to my inquiries and extremely pleasant to work with.

One of the best things about working with them is you will learn interesting facts about San Diego that you never knew! I would 100% recommend them for anyone looking for an fun and interesting team building event for any meeting.

When the opportunity arises for another team building event for my organization, I will most certainly contact them immediately. Darlynne and her team were fabulous to work with and they will NOT disappoint.

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Tours & Team Building

Darlynne and Marc have created a unique company and have carved out a special niche in San Diego tourism. Their company offers a wide variety of experiences from personal walking tours to group scavenger hunts and other innovative team building exercises. The also offer an excellent video production service combining Darlynne's experience in television with an in-depth knowledge of San Diego.

They are creative, hard working and deliver a great value! Combined, this is a special company run by special people who offer and deliver unique and memorable experiences for individuals and groups alike.

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Tours & Team Building

Marc's excellent leadership in organizing a tour was just the ticket for our staff looking for a alternative, fun atmosphere to learn and enjoy the value of good customer service.

I have known and worked with both Marc and Darlynne for many years and always found their enthusiasm for San Diego refreshing and inspiring. Most importantly, our staff did too, as evidenced by the great evaluations we received from our time spent together!

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SDX (FKA San Diego Ad Club)

Scavenger Hunt & Team Building

I have worked with Marc in several capacities. All turned out to be profitable experiences and provided high-quality marketing and public relations exposure for me.

Marc and Darlynne participated in a radio and television program that we conducted from Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. Their accurate and exciting reports from the resort created business for us, as well as media impressions that are directly attributable to our relationship.

I have also participated in, and had my employees and coworkers participate in, their San Diego Scavenger Hunts. They are great team building exercises, but for me I wanted to learn more about the neighborhoods that I was selling products in. I had my team do them to learn about the businesses in the tour areas and also for our editorial team to learn about the current situation and past histories of the neighborhoods.

I highly recommend both Marc and Darlynne in any professional capacity. They are truly qualified people and as a bonus amongst the most pleasant people I have ever worked with.

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Team Building

It brought out everyone's competitive juices and gave some people the opportunity to come out of their reserved "shells," so it worked out great for all!

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Darlynne is exactly what San Diego needs. She is a wonderful ambassador for the city and the region. Her work showcases the very best of what San Diego has to offer and she does it with class and professionalism.

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Scavenger Hunt

We have received much positive feedback about the Urban Scavenger Hunt; fun, great ice-breaker, fun to see the beautiful city and many enjoyed that we were doing something active.

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Out of the Ordinary was wonderful with their insights and fun jokes. Marc and Darlynne have been so responsive and accommodating, from the chips and water to the day-by-day count change. I truly appreciate their attention to detail and their professionalism. There were so many reasons for the great time. We were able to get some air, enjoy music, get good information on the area and enjoy a wonderful ride in a spectacular area. Plus, we had some slow peaceful times to really chat with each other. It was a great diversion from the morning meetings!

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Scavenger Hunts

I met Marc and Darlynne when they led a scavenger that ended at my restaurant at the time, Napa Valley Grille. Instantly I had a connection with both Marc and Darlynne because of their bubbly personalities and true professionalism. They have a passion for their business and that shows EVERY day. They are very good at creating unique partnerships and making sure it's a "win-win" for everyone.