Smartphone Video 750

Let’s say you’re looking to have a high-quality short video produced. You can certainly go to any production house and pay for all that expensive equipment and overhead [high-tech camera, audio package, lighting package, post-production costs, etc.] Or you can turn to the Where You Want To Be magicians. And like magic, Darlynne Reyes Menkin and crew will produce exactly the 2-3 minute video you’re looking for via smartphone for only $750.

Virtual Holidays

We know what you’re thinking. How in the world can you guys produce a ready-to-air, high-quality video so economically? And how in the world can it compare to one of those grossly expensive production house spots. Easy. Just watch us. You’ll see how a gifted producer [and former TV news anchor/reporter], armed with her magical smartphone, can provide you with an affordable, winning video you’ll be proud of. Costs include voice overs from Darlynne. Contact us with specific questions on social media, Youtube and to see samples of our projects.