Ropes Challenge

The ropes course is a professionally guided experiential learning activity. The various activities build teamwork, cooperation, leadership skills, acceptance, encouragement, and understanding in the group. Trained facilitators work with the participants throughout the program. Strict control is provided with 1:10 ratio of group leaders to participants.

The ropes challenge course is presented in a fun and supportive atmosphere. All activities encourage self-confidence and group trust. The problem solving games and activities will challenge everyone’s physical and intellectual abilities. Team skills such as decision making, cooperation and commitment can be linked to work situations. There is a “challenge by choice” atmosphere where participants take on challenges as they are comfortable without pressure.

The course is located in Sorrento Mesa, convenient to the La Jolla area.

  • Improved communication skills
  • Heightened levels of trust and confidence
  • Increased self and team awareness
  • Push beyond self-imposed boundaries
  • Healthy risk taking
  • Innovative and effective problem solving
  • Fun! Stress Relief!