Leisure Olympics is not for the die-hard competitive group or for the true "jocks." The main goal of this activity is fun... with a little healthy competition thrown in. The atmosphere is decidedly laid back, while teams compete in various leisure activities. A bar is permitted and encouraged for this unique competition.

The ideal location is a large grassy area or beach depending on preference and availability. Activities can be designed specifically to client needs, interests, and location. A variety of tournament set-ups are available, including round-robin, bracket system, and team play. The entire activity will be designed exclusively for your group.

A variety of activities will be used, depending on location, group size, and interest. Some are familiar and some will involve new skills. Activities can include the following: Bocce Ball, Horseshoes, Croquet or Monster Croquet, Badminton, Disc Golf (Frisbee golf), Monster Golf, Volleyball or Quad Volleyball.

So get your group together and get ready for an afternoon of fun and games that will have them talking for years to come!!


Game Descriptions

  • Bocce: Italian in origin, bocce has gained acclaim nationally over the last few years. Opposing teams or individuals take turns tossing colored balls to see who is closest to the "pelota," a smaller white ball tossed at the beginning of the round. Also known as Lawn Bowling, it is a game everyone can enjoy and even excel at.
  • Beach Tennis: This game merges the best of tennis and beach volleyball; it is played on a beach volleyball court, using tennis raquets and depressurized tennis balls. A point is scored each time your opponents hit the ball outside the lines or let it hit the sand.
  • Smash Ball: Straight from the beaches of Brazil, this is a fun and exciting new game! Using official paddles and balls, players attempt to keep the ball from hitting the sand.
  • Horseshoes: We play by the standard rules in sand or on a dirt pit. Multiple games can be played at once. Frisbee Horseshoes also available (hint: the horseshoes are much larger and they fly)
  • Monster Croquet: Just like the regular game but the mallots and the balls are considerably larger and made of lighter weight foam, just for laughs. Ok, we can play regular croquet as well.
  • Disc Golf: Also known as "Frisbee golf," this is another game that is gaining in popularity and many cities are adding courses. A selection of different sizes and weights of discs are tosses toward standing baskets and played similar to golf rules. This can be played as a course or as a putting challenge. Lots of fun and learn a new sport!
  • Monster Golf: One of our favorites, this will be a challenge for any of our regular golfers. The balls are about 4" across and the clubs are...well, they are proportionate to the balls so they are big! Test your accuracy in driving the balls into various targets. Accuracy as well as a lot of laughs are featured.
  • Tug 'O War: You may have to set the drink down for this one, but we operate in short tugs... normally 30 seconds. We use gloves and strict safety guidelines. The goal, of course, is to drag the other team across the "pit."