Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to the mall for Back to school shopping? That was always a fun time but unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. But now, you can help change that and send some deserving kids to school with brand new backpacks, filled with school supplies!

At the conclusion of this event, the backpacks will be donated to a charity of your choice. If you need suggestions, don’t worry. We partner with several outstanding local and national charities.

Much like our Bike Build, this is a heartwarming activity filled with lots of good will. Your task? To assemble a backpack filled with various essentials: Pencils/Pens, Paper, Markers, rulers, you name it! We can also include some “specialty items” and custom Marketing Challenges upon request. This is a competitive, high energy activity so teams will take part in a series of challenges to earn their backpacks and school items. The bottom line?
Expect to have fun while making a difference! If you’ve been searching for a unique Team Building activity that focuses on Giving Back and helping others, look no further.