The adrenaline will be pumping and will never be the same after marauding teams descend on the beach for a fast and furious competition! Teams will be racing the clock to accumulate mega points by performing fun and outrageous challenges at various checkpoints. Brains as well as brawn will be required as teams come up with a strategy to out-perform and out-wit their opponents Does your team have what it takes to bring home the gold?

The activity will begin with a fun energizer activity to get the group motivated. The group will then be divided into teams for a brief description of the afternoon’s fun. Our Amazing Super Challenge Race includes elements of The Amazing Race, Treasure Hunting and Survivor! Each team will receive two detailed maps of the area with challenge stations noted as well as a strategic selection of clues. Some challenges will require the entire team while others need only a few so teams will need to strategize and make the best use of their manpower. Teams will receive a list that will note specific point values, how many team members are required and exactly what times each challenge will be available. Teams must work within their limited time frame and manpower to accumulate the highest number of points possible to take their team to victory!

Clues, detours, roadblocks, pit stops, intersections and outrageous feats will be located throughout the resort and neighborhood in this battle of strategy.

A rousing awards ceremony will top off the afternoon. Everyone is a winner, leaving with enhanced team spirit and a better knowledge of how to be a better team member.


Sample Staffed Team Challenge Stations Min. # of Participants
Disc Golf7
Magic Carpet5
Sand SculptureAll
Hyper HerbieAll
Monster Golf6
Bull RingAll
Giant US Puzzle3
Wiffle Ball Launch8
Blind Monster Croquet9
Giant Pickup Stix7
Corn Toss3

Self-Directed Challenges
Recycle Recovery
Beach Trivia
Photo Bonus Ops


Includes all staffing, materials, trophy or medals for the top team, team bandannas, planning and coordination, all equipment & games, announcer/master of ceremonies.  Does not include any necessary permit charges

The most popular areas for the Amazing Super Challenge are the beach, Mission Bay, Balboa Park and hotel properties.