Get Healthy Walking

Finding ways to keep your team fit, both physically and mentally is more important than ever. Studies show that when your employees are healthy, productivity levels go up which means everyone benefits.

While many employees are working remotely, others have transitioned to a hybrid model. Because our work environment has changed drastically, these changes have brought on new challenges and higher stress levels. For some people, the pandemic has resulted in spending more time at home, sitting down for longer periods, and neglecting regular exercise routines. Experts warn that this change of behavior toward a more sedentary lifestyle can put our health at risk. In addition, some workers say they feel isolated, more lonely, anxious, depressed, and even bored. Multiple studies show younger people, suffer because of social distancing measures.

So, what can we do, to preserve our team's wellbeing during these uncertain times? First and foremost, make sure your employees stay connected and get lots of exercise. We are fortunate in that San Diego has near perfect weather year-round, which means outdoor activities such as hiking and biking are easy to do. Not to mention, it's FUN as there's so many places to explore. But having said that, let's be honest. Will your team take the initiative and exercise on their own?

On an intellectual level, we all know exercise is good for us but DOING it, is a whole different story which is why you need someone to hold you accountable. And preferably, someone who can also make it engaging & interesting. As a Team building & Tour business, we have been leading walks featuring “Secret San Diego" spots since 2003. For us, it is a joy showing off areas we know people wouldn’t necessarily find on their own.

Since the pandemic, we have added several new walking routes and now refer to them as “Wellness Walks” as they’re part of our Corporate Wellness initiative, featuring unique neighborhoods. The walks are four to five miles and designed for all fitness levels. The walks take place in various San Diego communities, from beach hikes to historical neighborhoods. The 90-minute to 2-hour walks are a great way to keep your team moving and connect them with like-minded co-workers who also want to stay in shape.

A number of Corporate Groups have also committed to doing these Wellness Walks on a regular basis, which is great because it’s a whole new community as it gets employees outdoors and interacting more frequently.

If you have been wanting to find a safe way to keep your team healthy, motivated, and connected, give us a call and we'll provide you with a list of “Get Fit Walking” Adventures.  You can reach us at 858-487-3418 or


6 Reasons Why You Should Be Walking with Us

  • Hidden Gems will be featured. You will then have new areas to walk!
  • Accountability - Being part of Get Fit Walking will ensure you get your steps in.
  • Our walks are designed for all fitness levels. They average 3.5 to 4 miles with no steep hills.
  • Connections and camaraderie will happen as you meet like-minded people who want to stay in shape.
  • Walks can feature Nutrition & Immunity Experts
  • Added value: Walks can end at outdoor restaurants/cafes that feature healthy and delicious menu items.