If you've been asking the question "How can I stay healthy, physically and mentally, during this pandemic," you're not alone. That seems to be the question everyone is asking.

The good news? There's some very easy things you can do, to keep your mind & body "fit."  First, EAT HEALTHY. It sounds so simple but unfortunately whenever stress hits, many will head toTeambuilding the cookie jar. Instead, increase your vegetables and fruit intake. With everything that's going on in the world, it's important you're extra mindful of WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat. For example, eating late at night and then going to bed right after, is never a good idea.

Getting a good night's rest is also important and should never be overlooked. If you're having trouble sleeping, maybe take a warm shower before you go to bed. And don't check your email or go online as that often stimulates the brain. If we're really wired, mixing up some "CALM," a magnesium supplement you can get at Sprouts, often does the trick for us.

Your social calendar is another important factor. Of course, we understand that with all this Social Distancing, getting together with friends can be challenging. But us humans are social creatures. We aren't designed to do life alone so it's important you find a way to regularly interact with others, especially family & friends who support you. Having those honest conversations during these tough times is key.

And finally, GETTING OUTSIDE and having FUN may sound trivial but it's essential! Stress can do some weird things to your body so getting fresh air and moving around is key. Even just taking a walk around the neighborhood during your lunch break can be helpful.  A few days ago, we were hired to do a fun Birthday Scavenger Hunt. It was a small group and the person who hired us, did this fun activity with the people in her "social bubble."  It was a blast and proof that you can have fun outdoors and still be safe!

Check out our recent private "Social Bubble" Scavenger Hunt - Click HERE to see the video.