This delightful afternoon is best held in an open area or beach location. The event begins with a demonstration by a master kite maker, who will teach the group to construct one of several basic kite designs. All materials will be provided. Creativity and teamwork are emphasized!

After the construction and design process is complete, teams will present their kite designs to the judges and give a short sales pitch. Then all teams can proceed to fly their team kites for a variety of awards. Some short team games may also be a part of this event as a warmup.

As a team event, participants would typically work together on a Tetra Hedron kite, which is built in segments and can be as large as 25 feet high. They will also work together to creatively decorate their kites for a variety of awards. Flying the larger kites is also a team effort!

Cost includes:

  • All planning and organization
  • Kite maker
  • Staffing
  • All materials and supplies
  • Team trophy or medals