Build a Dog Bed


 A Unique Bark n’ Build Experience    


We’ve all heard the saying “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Well in this case, we mean it literally! That’s because in this activity, teams will compete to see who can build the best looking dog bed. And, that’s not all – your newly created beds will be put to good use, as they’ll be donated to a worthy cause of your choice.

During this challenge, teams will compete in quick paced games, to earn the parts and creative accessories for the bed. Some challenges will be mental, others more physical but don’t worry – anyone can do them. In addition, teams will create a Marketing Commercial that will be presented to the judges. Think Shark Tank! Depending on time, our special panel of “dog advisors” may even put your dog bed to the test.

Our Build a Dog Bed Team Challenge is a PAWS-itively fun team building activity that will test a team’s creativity, problem solving, time management and teamwork skills.


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